Ribbon Cutting at New Kennedy School in Harrison

Ribbon Cutting at New Kennedy School in Harrison
Posted on 11/10/2020
Opening Day at Kennedy Elementary School - 10/22/20For 5 year old Leiani Ravo, the goal is clear, “I can’t wait to hang my pictures in the hallway!”.


The hallway to which she refers is located in the newly opened Kennedy Elementary School at the corner of Washington St and Harrison Ave in Harrison. Serving students in pre-K through first grade, the official ribbon-cutting was held last week and was celebrated by members of the Harrison Board of Education as well as Mayor James A. Fife and the Harrison Town Council.

“The new Kennedy Elementary School was originally pitched as a way to relieve growing enrollment and overcrowded classes in the district, particularly in pre-K to grade 5”, said Dr. James P. Doran, Director of Personnel for Harrison Public Schools.

The New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA), an independent authority, allocated nearly $3 billion by the legislature to fully fund and manage new construction and update school facilities in about 40 districts, including Harrison.

Built at no cost to Harrison taxpayers, the 3-story Kennedy Elementary School is designed to accommodate up to 392 students among 24 classrooms; and features a media center, outdoor play and learning spaces, cafeteria, gym, air conditioning, and an elevator. 


Opening Day at Kennedy Elementary School - 10/22/20

As part of a district realignment, Lincoln and Hamilton schools will now handle grades 2 to 5, with an added cafeteria at both schools; a computer lab and music room at Lincoln School, and an instrumental music room at Hamilton School.

“Kennedy Elementary School is a state-of-the art school which was planned from the ground up with students in mind”, said Peter Santana, Director of Technology for Harrison Public Schools. “The 1:1 devices, interactive boards and tables in each of the classrooms will be implemented for 21st century learning today”.

But for Leiani, a student in Lindsay DeMaio’s kindergarten class, the excitement of science projects, music lessons, and “mixing paints to make new colors” for the pictures she wants to hang in the hallway are more than enough to keep her busy. “I love my new school!”, she said without missing a beat.

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