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Harrison Early Childhood Program

3 and 4 year old Preschool and Kindergarten registration is going on now
by appointment only. Please call the Residency office to schedule your appointment
at 973-268-7821 / 973-268-7825.



The philosophy of The Creative Curriculum® is that young children learn best by doing. The Creative Curriculum® is built on theories of development in young children, that all children learn through active exploration of their environment and therefore the environment plays a critical role in learning.

The Creative Curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language. The social/emotional stage helps promote independence, self-confidence and self-control.

The Creative Curriculum® is research-based and supports the development of the whole child. High-quality, comprehensive resources empower educators to intentionally teach and care for our youngest learners during the most critical and formative years of development

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 Curriculum Objectives


Our preschool teachers are all NJ State Certified Teachers with 10+ years of experience, and many with advanced degrees. Most of our teachers and teacher assistants also speak a second language, including Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, and Italian. 

All centers listed on our website are contracted by Harrison School District and supervised by our Early Childhood Department staff.

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We highly encourage parents to continue speaking their native language at home.
Bilingualism is a valuable asset for all children. We recognize the importance of supporting
both home language and second language development. Developing fluency in more than one language not only enhances children’s academic skills but also prepares our students for the increasingly diverse world in which we live. Knowing more than one language is a skill to be valued and encouraged.
Research shows that continuing to develop your child’s native language does not interfere
with the acquisition of English. It actually facilitates the process!



Childhood Anti-Bullying Specialist

Ann Diaco, LCSW
Early Childhood
(973) 833-8500 ext. 7143
[email protected]

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Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Early Childhood Department is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all preschool children.

In support of this mission, the Early Childhood Program does the following:

  • Provides assistance for the achievement of the state Early Childhood Standards through professional development, support of programs, and guidance in the effective use of technology;
  • Provides a health care program which addresses each individual student;
  • Maintains a strong partnership with the community and its resources;
  • Establishes a strong commitment to parents and family support; and
  • Embraces multicultural issues and diversity.
The Harrison School District accomplishes this mission by providing certified personnel in all areas of the Early Childhood Program.


Ask your Center about

Early Childhood Staff

Valle Pessoa
Assistant Principal: Kimberly Huaranga

School Nurse: Olivia Lee

EC Facilitators:
Maryann Capobianco, Maria Silva, Anne Marie Zarbetski

Pre-School Intervention Specialist: PIRT Team

Speech Pathologist/Early Intervention/PSCD Case Manager: Larissa Canova

Secretary: Vera Da Silva

Fiscal Specialist: Yahaira Torres

EC In-district teacher: Elizabeth Markowski, Nicole Novak, Ashley Castaneda

EC In-district aides: Carol Masino, Stacy Solano, Paola Ferreria, Luis Tirado, Jenna Williams, Wilder Otayza, Daphne Osorio




Olivia Lee, RN is here to provide for your child's medical needs during school hours in accordance with district policy, and NJ State Law.

Screenings are conducted annually (height, weight, BP, vision and hearing) for all students.
6A: 16-2.2 Required Student Medical Exam
Each student must be examined upon entry into the school district. This examination must be done no more than 365 days prior to entry and must state what, if any, modifications are required for full participation in the pre-school program.
18 MONTHS - 4 YEARS 4 doses of DTaP, 3 doses of polio, one dose of MMR, at least one dose of Hib if initiated after first year of life, one dose of varivax or letter from PMD stating date of disease, at least one dose of pneumococcal vaccine if initiated after first year of life.
Lead screening every year up to age 6 (per statute of Harrison Board of Health), and finally a record of a mantoux screening.
A flu vaccine is required for every child by December of that school year.
Young children's diets need special care and planning to ensure the development of strong bones and teeth, firm muscles and healthy tissue. Proper nutrition also contributes to good health and protects against every day illness.
It is necessary for each pre-school center to implement a healthy food policy for ALL lunches and snacks sent to school.
Unhealthy foods will not be served to children during school hours.
Early food and eating experiences are the foundation for the formulation of attitudes about food, eating behavior, and consequently, food habits.
Culturally acceptable family foods is a dietary goal for feeding your children, and strongly encouraged.
All medication policies of each center are developed to comply with state law. Please consult with the Director of your chosen school to arrange for medication administration.
I am always available for consultation and assistance for special needs and concerns. Please feel free to contact me.
Please keep your school updated with any illness or immunizations your child receives.
We welcome your input as partners in your child's health and education and we look forward to a healthy happy school year.
Olivia Lee, RN
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